Saint Mark's Seminary
Santa Fe, New Mexico

St. Mark's is our Seminary for the training of our clergy and formation of our members in our Religious Institute/Order.  Courses of study for certificates are a hybrid of online distance learning combined with short residence practicum phases at our working ranch/friary in the beautiful high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From time to time, we will also be offering to the public, in both an online and/or retreat setting, the chance to take courses in Celtic Spirituality, Franciscan Spirituality, and other topics of interest and for a varied of reasons: independent study as an elective in another institution (with approval of that institution) or simply for the love of learning or spiritual growth. 

Seminary & Formation

For Ordination or Incardination (if already ordained) we begin with our Certificates in Celtic Spirituality and Franciscan Spirituality (required). These self-paced/proctor assisted programs are designed to be done at home, prior to or with agreement by St. Mark’s Dean, concomitant to the Certificate of Christian Foundation and the Certificate of Ministry with our partner Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary for our Holy Orders candidates with no former seminary or theological training.  These certificate bearing courses may also qualify as the Independent Study Electives necessary for the Baylor University-Truett Theological Seminary Certificate of Ministry, which is the basis of and can be part of our own M.A. in Ecumenical Ministry.

Why Baylor-Truett Seminary for Celtic Franciscan Catholics?

In our spirit of ecumenism, we selected Baylor-Truett as it provides our bi-vocational seminarian candidates for Holy Orders, with little or no previous theological studies or academic credentialing, a robust exploration of Scripture and Christian spiritual formation.  Its academic structure and level of recognized theological scholarship, at a realistic cost were unsurpassed in our national search.  As bi-vocational Celtic Franciscan Friars and clergy who are working or will be working essentially in Chaplaincy or similar interrelated ministries, our partnership and collaboration with Baylor-Truett was the most cost effective, theologically sound academic and ministerial credentialing program available online today.  It also provides us from a Celtic Catholic perspective to have a built-in comparative religious look at a study of Protestant/Evangelical doctrine that serves us well as we administer "Spiritual First-Aid" in the conduct of Ecumenical Ministry and Chaplaincy.


As mentioned above, once completed, our Certificate in Celtic Spirituality and the Certificate in Franciscan Spirituality awarded by St. Mark’s, may also serve as two Independent Study electives for the Baylor-Truett Certificate of Ministry required course of study.

The essence of our rich Celtic Catholic Spirituality will begin with several key books:

  • “Listening for the Heartbeat” of God” J. Philip Newell

  • “Christ of the Celts” J. Philip Newell

  • “How the Irish Saved Civilization” Thomas Cahill

  • “The Celtic Way of Evangelization" George Hunter

  • “Journey’s on the Edges: The Celtic Tradition” Thomas O’Laughlin

Our Certificate in Franciscan Spirituality will also be proctor led with a rich selection of works on St. Francis as well as those classic works speaking to the life of Francis of Assisi, the richness of his love of creation and service, and his own essential writings.

At the completion of the Certificate of Ministry issued by Baylor-Truett or for those on the track for Holy Orders or Incardination, they will complete a required residency/practicum phase, each approximately one week in duration, at St. Mark’s Seminary in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our residency phase intensive concentrates on our administration of the seven Sacraments and “Priest-Craft,” which is our core mission. Celtic and Franciscan Distinctives will also be covered along with world religions and traditions with visits from top spiritual leaders from various faith traditions.  The residency phase continues with Liturgy, Sacraments, and Rites as well as Spiritual Coaching and Counseling, Spiritual Direction, and defining your ministry.  Successful completion of the residency phase work will lead the candidate for Holy Orders through the Deaconate ordination and ultimately into the ordained ministerial Priesthood.

In designing the path for the conferring of Holy Orders or Incardination (of already ordained priests/ministers), it is fitting for us to structure both our hybrid/distance studies and our resident/practical phases to what is realistically and authentically current ministerial needs so that what is obsolete in former functions or offices is removed, what is useful is retained, what is necessary is defined, and what is required/expected for candidates ordination may be determined. 


Ultimately our Seminary’s hybrid program by design is the most cost effective (Baylor-Truett’s low-cost pay for each course as you go and our super low-cost residency at St. Mark’s) and scholarly efficient program for bi-vocational clergy seeking Apostolic and Sacramental Ordination to the Ministerial Priesthood.


In closing, we understand the challenges that responding to your calling to bi-vocational Holy Orders entails.  The scale and scope of St. Mark’s Seminary is such that we have the flexibility to work with your individual schedules and life issues to ensure your successful completion of all our requirements, and ultimately answer your call to do God’s work for God’s people.

We'd love to connect with you. 

We want you to feel supported every step of the way. So reach out to St. Mark's Dean about your discernment, or help you find the information you need to obtain the certificates.



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