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Our Beliefs

Sometime around AD 670,  Irish Bishop Tierchan provided the following Statement of Faith Used by St. Patrick:


Our God is the god of all humans.

The god of heaven and earth.

The god of the sea and the rivers.

The god of the sun and moon.

The god of all the heavenly bodies.

The god of the lofty mountains.

The god of the lowly valleys.

god is above the heavens;

and he is in the heavens;

and he is beneath the heavens.

Heaven and earth and sea,

And everything that is in them,

Such he has as his abode.

He inspires all things,

He gives life to all things,

He stands above all things,

And stands beneath all things.

He enlightens the light of the sun,

He strengthens the light of the night and the stars,

He makes wells in the arid land and dry islands in the sea,

And he places the stars in the service of the greater lights.

He has a son who is co-eternal with himself,

And similar in all respects to himself;

And neither the father older than the son;

And the holy spirit breathes in them.

And the father and the son and the holy spirit are inseparable. 


St. Patrick then baptizes with these words:

“ you are already children of an earthly king, I wish to join you now to a heavenly king, if you choose to believe!”

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