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About Us

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St. Mark's Seminary, Santa Fe, NM

We are a religious order of men and women who embrace the Franciscan tradition which simply means we are ordained bi-vocational clergy and lay companions working in the real world in various occupations and from various backgrounds, from former military to first responders and medical professionals to tradesman and educators, all who are once again answering the call to service (Isaiah 6:8).

In addition to the tradition of St. Francis our Apostolic Succession ( lineage) is Oriental,Catholic, Orthodox, Celtic and Anglican. We have direct Apostolic lines from Saints Mark, Peter, James, Andrew, Thomas,Paul and Patrick.  We draw inspiration from the Celtic saints and the Desert Fathers and Mothers, and New Monasticism. Our foundational values are prayer and action where our work is our witness. Through our Celtic tradition of Anam Cara (soul friendship) we seek to become the hands, feet and heart of Christ within Creation and towards all whom we meet along the way.

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